How to make your perfect Product Page or how to do Listing Optimization

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Why are the Product Titles Determined:

1- Title is the key element that it should be fully optimized for a listing. You have to use up to 200 words to make your best title that described your product. The title should not contain any kind of promotional Phrases. Amazon relies heavily on the product title text to figure out what the page is selling, that your title text should match what term buyer type into the search bar.

Tips for writing powerful titles for the product:

• Capitalize the first letter of each word.

• You want to provide them with enough information to get them interested in your product.

• To find out the right keyword of your title.

• Prioritize your main keyword according to your product type.

• Provide the information about the size, colors and quantity.

• Use numerals for number, instead of spell out.

How this practice will be settled:

What keywords that have to be used in the title, this process will be done through Helium 10 tool Cerebro with a maximum Organic rank of 20.

• Cerebro basic search brings up a lot initial data as well, short down by best organic rank.

• Make sure you have to extract keywords from your direct competitors according to your products size, colors etc.

• Must have one or more product ASIN to use as the basis of your search.

Getting the quality content for conversion:

• Those extract keywords should be given to the content writer for your title.

• Professional, polished content will attract customers to your product and elevate your listing.

• Having relevant, reliable, and valuable content shows potential for products.

2- Products Images:

It is all about captivate the customer and making them to buy the product. Therefor a product image is the first big opportunity to generate a sale because this is the first impression of your listing. Quality image attracts people to landing on a product page.

Product Images Requirement:

• The first image of your product should be with pure white background

• Images should be 1,000 pixels in either height or width.

• You can add total of 7 product images, but if you have Brand Registered with Amazon then you can also upload video.

• In every images, at least 80% of the frame should be filled with the product itself.

• Amazon accepts JPEG, GIF file formats, but jpeg is highly recommended.

• Life style, info-graphics and branding must be done in images except the main image.

3- Bullets Points:

It is used to list different things, while the bullets symbol is generally used, it can take any shape like square, arrow, diamond. It beneficial to reader for skim the content rather than having it to read entirely.

Pointer to write effective bullets point:

• There should be 5 Bullet points you should have to add, so it is important to use them correctly.

• Start with the most and eye catching benefits.

• People buy to receive benefits.

• Every bullet point can only be 500 character not more.

• Avoid using too many punctuation.

4- Description & EBC (Enhanced Brand Content):

• If you have registered Brand, then you should definitely go for EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) with a description of your products. This will be the booster in conversion rate for the listing.

• Important and exceptional features which are not added in the bullet points, can easily be added in EBC to help buyer for more analysis.

• For EBC, you should have to do an analysis of your competitor which template he would use and short down the best template you wanted to add in your EBC.

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