How to Open Shop On Daraz PK (Pakistan)

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This post is a step by step guide for all of my brothers who don’t have investment for doing business on daraz.

Step one:
After reading this post, open your laptop or download Daraz seller centre app in your phone and sign up immediately, because it will take 1-month minimum to get your listing live.
All you need is:

  • CNIC picture front back (cost you 0 Rs)
  • Cheque picture (cost you 0 Rs )
  • order packaging material ( cost 370)

Total cost (370 Rs)
If you don’t have an account then go to the alfalah bank with your CNIC and 100 rs, they will open your asaan account.
Total expense 470.

Meanwhile, your account is under process,
Hunt a product for account, but hunting strategy for you is different,
You don’t have to start from daraz for hunting, you have to search from your sorrounding,
Step one of Hunting:
Look around your friends and family and neighborhood that who are doing business? If they have a business of anything which they can give you in low quantity and wholesale price.
Step two:
If you don’t have any friend, family or neighbour who have a business so go to the mini wholesale market of your city. Hunt for a product there, make a list of the products under the price range of 150-300 rs and Atleast gather 10 products through these two steps on a paper.

Step 3:
Now open daraz shopping app, and search each product one by one on daraz. Now select a product with following criteria,

  • top sellers have reviews lower than 80.
  • there should be maximum of 2 daraz mall sellers.
  • listing age should not be more than 2 months
    (You can check listing age by checking the first question on your competitor list)

Now select one product with this criteria and buy one piece from the market.
Now take 4-5 pics from every dimension with your phone and get them edit from an editor i am mentioning in 20Rs per pic, he will put a white background on your pics and videos which will make your photos look professional.

Now make a YouTube channel and upload your product video there and copy the URL and paste in your listing. insha’Allah you will get reviews on YouTube too after some time.

Now wait for one month, keep contacting them daily for activation of your account and get ready for pick pack ship.

The total investment of this business will be
Account setup 470
Photography 100
First inventory 1000
Total investment 1570 PKR only.
You might can not build an asset worth of 20lac but you might able to earn something.
You might do not get 100000 per month but you might able to get 10000 a month, something is always better than nothing.
Try to ask your question in comments and if you want to dm, dm with direct questions.
Best of luck

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