What Is Amazon Listing Optimisation?

Amazon listing optimization is basically the process of tailoring your product listing so that you rank as high in the search results as possible. Your product’s rank depends on how well you have built your backend and frontend. Clicks and conversions also play an important role to rank your product, but you will get these both when your listings are well optimised.
Consistent Pattern in your Brand:
To optimize your product listing, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that every one of the following brand elements follows the same pattern. Make sure you have a good consistency throughout all your products to seem a more legitimate brand.
Images are the most important thing because most images are what makes a buyer click on your listing. It is important that all listings should be well optimized but the most important one is the main image. The main image should be the most attractive one.
Your main image should be a crystal clear, high-resolution image of your product on a white background. The image should be a minimum of 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels so shoppers can zoom in on the image.
Your aim should be to create a “scroll stopper” main image — one that’s so compelling, it’s able to stop a shopper scrolling through dozens of listings and eagerly clicking into your listing to learn more.
Other images should show the usage of products, infographics, and lifestyle usage. These are the important things that should be kept in consideration.
Your title is another major factor in optimizing your product listing. It needs to entice the buyer as well as include the relevant keywords for your product. The keywords should be strategically included so the algorithm understands what shoppers should see your product listing.
Most of the amazon buyers are on mobile. On mobile, you can only see the first 80 characters of the title. So, you should index the most keywords in those 80 characters and it should be the most attractive.
Bullet Points:
Bullet points are an excellent way to convey quick and easily digestible information to the buyer without forcing them to read a dry block of text. Optimize bullet points by addressing specific concerns:
• How will this product benefit them?
• What sets you apart from competitors?
• Is there a common fear you can assuage?
• Does it make a good gift?
• Do you offer a guarantee?
Bullet points are basically used to describe more details about the product and convince the buyer to buy your product.
Product Description:
You should not copy and paste your bullet points in your description. This is an opportunity to create a captivating description that goes into more depth than what you can capture in a bullet point. It also builds the trust of the buyer by showing them that you took the time to fill out each part of the listing. You should optimize your description in such a way that it describes all the attributes of the product which you couldn’t in bullet points and title.
A+ Content (EBC content):
A+ content is available for the sellers who have a brand registry. It’s an incredibly powerful way to set yourself apart from competitors and quickly build credibility with shoppers. A+ content can be used to show more lifestyle usage of your product and how it looks like. A+ content makes buyers convert more than someone who doesn’t have A+ content.
Back-End Keywords:
The last thing you can do is that you can optimize the backend of your listing. Buyers won’t see these keywords, but these keywords would help amazon to rank you on your relevant keywords.
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