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Let’s assume, I need to buy a water bottle from amazon, I will enter my keyword into the search bar and press the search button. Amazon will show me a page with some products against my query. I will select one of them and will place my order without even checking the rest of thousands of products. For getting massive orders on Amazon, it is highly desirable to make your product appear on the first page.

Listing optimization is a process of upgrading the Product Page (Also known as Amazon Product Listing) for

• Improved Visibility

• Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR)

• Enhanced Conversion Rate (CR)

• Generating More Sales.

A product listing can be optimized by improving all the contents of product listing. A product listing is a combination of the following seven entities. Each of these entity has its own significance and must be optimized for better listing optimization.

I- Product Title

II- Product image (Amazon allows you to include up to Nine product images)

III- Key product features (Amazon provides you a capacity of 1000 characters to describe the key product features)

IV- Product description (A 2000 characters description that demonstrate your potential customers why to buy this specific product.)

V- Keywords

VI- Product reviews (These are the social proof for the quality of your product

VII- Product ratings

Your listing helps the buyers to purchase the product. Listing should be friendly and ideally unique.

Your Good title and main image cause higher Click Through Rate (it is the number of clicks your add receive per your add impression/Visibility). Your description and images cause enhancement in Conversion Rate (it is the percentage of visitors on your page/product who actually buy the product). Both of these features will help you to generate more sales and as a result, will assure better ranking.

Tools used for listing optimization includes FRANKENSTEIN (Keyword Processor), SCRIBBLES (listing Optimization) and INDEX CHECKER (Keyword Index Checker) from HELIUM 10 Suit. Other tools include JUNGLE SCOUT, VIRAL LAUNCH and ACCELERLIST.

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